Creative agency Studio Hudson is working from their office in Amsterdam. From a logo, business card or letterhead, to a publication, website or ad – as designers we focus on developing a visual identity that fits your business like a glove.


Anyone who – like us – believes in the power of simplicity, craftsmanship and ingenuity can call on on our services.
We create smart and unique designs, tailored to your needs.
Simple, but never superficial.


The Base

The summer of 1609 draws to a close and captain Henry Hudson’s small ship has been sailing for months on end. Since its departure from Amsterdam, the Halve Maen has crossed the infamous North Cape, searching for the short route to China. But blistering cold and floes force Hudson to change his course westwards. Skimming the coasts of North America he arrives at a beautiful island, Mannahatta. Hudson drops anchor and his small crew explores the surroundings. Not much later a small settlement is founded – New York is born.

The Halve Maen was just short of seventy feet. Yet Henry Hudson dared to sail it to the other side of the world, with a crew of only twenty people. To undertake a long journey you do not need a big ship. As explorers of the 21st century, we can learn something from Hudson: a lot of guts and a solid base is sometimes all you need to get going. Studio Hudson provides this base, letting you focus on the realization of your dream.

Inventive Solutions

Taking your plans as a starting point, we go on a search for inventive solutions. From Riso printing to letterpress, and from laser cutting to screen printing – there are plenty of exciting techniques that, with the help of smart design, can be used to create a beautiful product.

We believe in the power of simplicity: solid concepts combined with perfect execution. Simple, but never superficial. We turn that vision into reality. Rather than working with large webshops that sacrifice quality for quantity, we manufacture our work at craft print shops. We do not believe in prefabricated design. Instead we believe in unique designs, tailored to your needs.

Creative Industry

A meter wide stage piece for a theater stage, the bellow of an accordeon and the visual identity of a modern film noir – many of the assignments we have worked on are coming from clients working in the creative industry. Rooted firmly in the world of art and music, the expertise of Studio Hudson lies within this field.


That does not mean we work only for cultural enterprises. Commercial companies, governments and idealistic organizations have also come to the right place. Anyone who – like us – believes in the power of simplicity and ingenuity can call on on our services.

For an impression of our portfolio, check out:


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Studio Hudson was founded in 2014 by Joost Abbel and Rosan Dekker.

If you have specific questions, want to discuss some of your ideas or just want to come over and drink a cup of coffee, please contact us using the information below:

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